Frequently Asked Questions

To get started as an investor, please click here . Your account creation and investment process is completed online through the SQM platform. You will be prompted to provide or verify the required information and make the necessary acknowledgments electronically..

Your security comes first in everything we do. We will never give out your personal information without your consent.

Your data is private and encrypted while in transit, using HTTPS and Transport Layer Security. We also have no access to the credit/debit cards you use for payment. It is hosted by Stripe and uses Stripe.js which is served only over TLS.

We will never store your password in plaintext. You and only you knows your password.

Anyone can invest as long as you have an account with us.

Definitely! International investors are welcome to invest together with the other investors, locally or internationally.

You are investing in portfolios of private real estate assets that are designed to generate monthly rental income. These real estate assets are condominiums located at prime locations and cities.

We have a partnership with local holdings company to buy the property investments.

Minimum investment is 1 SQM coin or equivalent to 100 USD.

Investors may use their credit cards or do an electronic bank transfer.

Wallet is your electronic wallet which holds your investments and your dividends or income. From your wallet, you may choose and fund your desired property investment. You may also choose to withdraw or reinvest your dividends or income in your wallet.

For protection, your wallet will be encrypted by a passphrase that you will provide when you create it. The passphrase allows the encryption and the reverse (decryption) of data. Using encryption, your wallet is changed to an encrypted form which will be unusable to anyone without the correct passphrase.

This is analogous to your PIN when you use your ATM card. You won't be able to use your wallet if you don't know your passphrase.

Due to technicalities of Ethereum blockchain, there is no way to retrieve the passphrase if you forget it. Please DO NOT forget your passphrase! Save or copy it to a secure location.

Overtime your wallet is empty and needs a top up for your future desired property investments, you may use your credit card or do an electronic bank transfer.

Stripe fees: our third party payment gateway charges 4%; this is the most convenient and fastest way.

Dragon pay fees: our third party payment gateway charges approximately USD0.50; this is ideal for bigger amount of investments with selected banks.

Exchange fee: 1.5% of the total amount exchange from fiat to SQM coin

Convenience fee: 1% of the total amount when you invest, reinvest and transfer shares of your property investment.

Subscription fee: USD20 annual fee if you want to avail of our premium investor tools.

You may customize and select the currency you want to see in your wallet.

SQM coin is the official token used in our platform. It represents your share as in your investments as well as the smart contract of your ownership of the share of the property investment.

1 SQM coin is equivalent to 100USD.

After a property investment has been fully funded, investors can track its performance in their account’s dashboard. Within the dashboard, investors will receive updates, distributions, and documents of ownership of shares in the property investments.

Smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate and verify your shares in the investment.

Your returns will be the total of the rental yield or the annual yield from the rental income and the return on the initial investment you made.

Just like other businesses, your returns will depend on the rental yield and appreciation of the property investment you choose. However, we ensure that the property investments in our platform will generate the best return for your investments.

The amount and timing of an investor’s return will vary depending on when the property investment will be 100% funded. Generally speaking, the property investments in SQM platform are meant to be long-term and liquid in nature. For the rental yield return, the investor can choose to withdraw the dividends on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. For the appreciation in asset value at the end of the asset’s investment term, the investor may choose to sell their shares and gain from the sale.

Yes, you can! Once your dividends are reflected in your wallet, you have the option to re-invest, hold or withdraw.

Yes, this is the 1% convenience fee.

Yes, you can! Once your dividends are reflected in your wallet, you have the option to re-invest, hold or withdraw.

No, there are no fees when you withdraw your dividends since it’s reflected in fiat. If you convert your dividends from fiat to SQM coin and back to fiat, then there’s a fee of 1.5% Exchange fee.

You can only withdraw your initial investment when you sell your shares.

You will have an option to sell your shares and once you do, this will be advertised in the platform. You may also invite your friends to buy it from you.

We hired StayHome Asia Property Management to manage the property investment.

The annual taxes and other fees associated with the property investment will be deducted from the property revenue per year.

Rental income reports are connected seamlessly to the SQM backend system to ensure reliable and timely rental income reports. Investors may choose to activate their notifications from the account settings to get notified overtime your property investment is rented out.

Subscription fee is charged if you’d like to avail of our premium investment tool which has advanced features to help you and optimize your investment.